NCF works closely with Children in the Son (CITS).

CITS is a missions organization that ministers to the people of Romania. CITS employs Romanian social workers and help to better the lives of the Roma(gypsy) people in and near Oradea Romania.

NCF has sent 3 teams to Romania, one in 2008 to build a small house for a Roma family and one team in 2010 to begin construction on a Church/Education center for the Roma in Gepis, a small village out side Oradea. NCF sent a team in 2012 to continue work on this education center. NCF sent another team in 2014 once again to work on the Education Center. NCF will be sending a team again in 2016, your support in prayer in greatly appreciated.


We encourage you to visit Children in the Son website to learn more.

We will go where the Lord says go! Here am I Lord; send me.

Our ATF Youth sponsor Danut.