NCF was formed and met for the first time together on April 1, 2001 in a store front building in Southern Pines. The fellowship met there under the direction and leadership of Glen Stancik. Under Rev. Stancik’s leadership the churches constitution and government was formed. This was a sweet time of planting a new ministry in Southern Pines.

After 4 years the ministry was growing slowly and the fellowship felt that it was time to branch out and branch out they did. NCF found 10 acres of land in rural north eastern Moore county near Union Pines High School and New Century Middle schools in Carthage NC. This location is approximately 5 miles from 4 locals communities, Vass, Cameron, Whispering Pines and Carthage. This location is also about 25 miles from the previous NCF location in Southern Pines.

Some of those who were there on the day we moved from the store front into our brand new Dome Building say that we looked like Jed Clampant and his crew from the Beverly Hillbillies coming up US 1 with our trucks and trailers full of things to go into our brand new worship center. Good memories indeed! NCF met for the first time in the Dome on Labor day weekend 2005. This was an appropriate day to meet as the congregation had just put their hand to the good work of building our new worship facility ourselves. It was truly a labor of love.

On the first Sunday of March 2011, NCF moved into our newest building on our campus named the Gathering Place. This metal structure serves as our new sanctuary due to our continued growth while in this location. Once again, the faith family here at NCF built the Gathering Place with our own hands and we are truly blessed to have some new room to grow the kingdom of God in rural Moore County.

God has been with NCF through our relatively short past and in the two church plants that He led us to make. One in Southern Pines and then four short years later 25 miles away in Carthage. I think we have found our home here now. We have stood firm on His word and have so far allowed Him to lead our fellowship.

We hope that this brief synopsis helps you get to know our fellowship a little better.

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