Policy for Children’s Ministry:

Nursery/Toddlers/Children’s Church



At New Covenant Fellowship (NCF) we desire to provide parents with a safe environment for their kids to grow in their understanding of God’s love for them while they are in the main service.  The kids will experience a time of fun and learning of God’s Word in a relaxed but organized framework during their time in the Nursery, in the Toddler rooms, or in Children’s Church.


Team Member/Child Ratio: NC State Regulations

  • New Born up to 18 months – 1:5
  • 18 months up to 27 months – 1:6
  • 27 months up to 3 years – 1:10
  • 3 years up to 4 years – 1:15
  • 4 years up to 5 years – 1:20
  • 5 years and up – 1:25


*Childcare Provider must be 18 years of age to qualify for the ratio standards


Locations and Ages

Group Age Location Ratio
Nursery 1-18 months The Gathering Place 1:5
Toddlers 18-30 months Little Promises Room 1 1:6
Toddlers 2 1/2 yrs to 4 yrs Little Promises Room 2 1:10
* 3 year olds and potty trained can move to Children’s Church if the parent insists.  
Children’s Church      
Little K 4-5 years Youth Room 1:20
Kidmo 1st – 3rd grades Multi-purpose Room 1:25



  1. We follow the adult/child ratio set by NC State regulations.
  2. All childcare workers have a background check run and fill out a childcare application.
  3. All childcare workers are approved by the Nursery/Toddlers and Children’s Church Director for their respective areas.
  4. All paid childcare workers shall be reimbursed as an independent contractor receiving a 1099 if they are working during a non-service time.
  5. Childcare worker will try to arrive 30 minutes early. If the childcare worker cannot make it, please contact the Nursery/Toddlers and/or Children’s Church Director to make alternate arrangements.
  6. Two childcare workers must be present in the room before the room is opened for caring for children. At least one childcare worker must be 18 years old.
  7. No one under 14 years old is permitted to serve in the nursery, and anyone under 10 years old is permitted to serve with the Toddlers without an adult.
  8. Childcare worker will wear a name tag.
  9. Childcare worker will know and assist in registration procedures.
  10. Childcare worker will communicate any harmful activity to the Nursery/Toddlers or Children’s Church Directors.
  11. Childcare worker will know the procedures for crisis such as: injury, tornado, and fire. In case of an injury, childcare worker will fill out an incident report.  Give a signed copy by the childcare worker and parent to the parent and keep one for the office at NCF.
  12. Childcare worker will be aware of children with food allergies.
  13. Childcare worker will use the curriculum approved by NCF.
  14. Childcare worker will be familiar with the lesson that they will teach and have print outs for the children if needed.
  15. Childcare worker will contact parents if behavior is not able to be controlled in the room and is a disruption to the class.
  16. Children do not go to the restroom alone without an adult childcare worker. Children do not go to the restroom with other children without the supervision of an adult childcare worker.
  17. Childcare worker will make sure the room they are in is clean when leaving.
  18. Childcare worker will make an effort to attend the volunteer appreciation and training events.
  19. Nursery/Toddlers and Children’s Church Directors will have all childcare workers information to contact them via phone or email.
  20. Nursery/Toddlers and Children’s Church Directors will have a planned out rotational schedule for the childcare workers.

Thank you for giving of yourself to make a difference in the lives of our families for Jesus The Messiah our Lord and Savior.

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