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  • Both Fear and Love – Mark Hickey – 2/14/16

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Both Fear and Love – Mark Hickey – 2/14/16

Both Fear and Love

Based on scripture, two key ingredients to any lasting relationship: Fear and Love

In understanding Fear and Love we must define them in Biblical terms; not humanistic terms.

Humanistic: “Fear and Love are two of the most basic and powerful of human emotions. As they spread from person to person, they can inspire such extremes of behavior as killing one another or dying for one another. Considering that the fundamental importance of love is so widely agreed upon, it is remarkable how many organizations seem dedicated to promoting its opposite: fear.”

Humanistic: “a selfless devotion to someone which should circulate round the social relationships than make up a society as blood flows through a body, bringing healing, life and energy everywhere it goes, carrying antibodies of care to soften calloused or cynical hearts.”

Bible: Hebrew – “yare” – “to fear, be afraid, or to revere” (which means to stand in awe of, or to have a deep respect or honor for something or someone)

New Testament, the Greek word “phobe” – to either “be afraid” or “to have reverence.”


1 John 4:17-18 – Fear as punishment

2 Cor 7:1 – Fear as Reverence

Psalm 111:10 – Fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom


Love in Hebrew is “ahab” which can mean human love, Gods love for humans, sexual love, or a love for objects such as food and drink, but once again context drives the meaning.


Greek Love- has 3 words for love: Eros-an erotic love, phileo- a brotherly love, and agape- a Godly love


I John 4:16 God is Love

1 Cor 13:3-8 Love is…

Ephesians 5:22-33.


Husbands Love your wife as yourself; wives reverence your husbands

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