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Sunday 3/4/18 Debrief

Hello Everyone,
WOW; another great weekend at NCF. We are enjoying a season of growth at NCF and we pray that the greatest area of growth is our Faith!

Thank you for doing the NCF shuffle as we ask you to move forward to the front rows in the sanctuary and out to the furthest parking lots. Your efforts make room for others. PLEASE keep up the good work and do the NCF Shuffle!

Yesterday; We looked at John 3. The followers of John the Baptist became frustrated, fuming and fixated about Jesus’ ministry and his disciples who were also baptizing people in the same region. They became so frustrated they refused to say Jesus’ name! They were complaining that Jesus was baptizing Samaritans and that He was allowing His disciples to baptize.

When we become frustrated, fuming or fixated we lose our purpose and effectiveness in the Kingdom work! They were so worried about themselves and watching what Jesus’ ministry was doing that they lost their ability to work for God!

John the baptist reminds them of 3 truths about Kingdom Work in John 3:25-30.


ITS not about what we do; IT’s About WHAT GOD DOES!

He is Greater than I.

These truths are ESSENTIAL to keep in mind if you intend to serve the Kingdom for a lifetime! I pray that these lessons are planted deep into our hearts and grow to be truth for everything we do at NCF!

Press on NCF and remember to share the Gospel today in word and deed!

Come and Visit!

Here at NCF you will find smiling faces offering help, hope, and love in a casual and fun environment.

Sunday Service 10:30am

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